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It was dreary, raining, and all around depressing last Thursday.  All I wanted was some hot noodle soup to warm up the belly and the soul.  ATO did his research, and we met for a quick lunch at Onya, a “fast food” Japanese udon joint in Midtown East, where they hand-make their wonderful noodles.  Awesome!  Definite new lunch spot.  It was filled with suited corporate types sneaking out for a quick and delicious bite: pick up a tray, load it with some tempura, and order your choice of udon (there are about 7 varieties).  It’s very bare-bones, quick and efficient: you can be in, eat, and be out in less than 20 minutes.  It also costs about $10 per person for 2 pieces of tempura and a bowl of noodle soup.  That’s the cost of my average lunch at Hale and Hearty, Cosi or Pax Wholesome Foods!  This is such a better way to spend $10!

You want a close-up of the tempura, don’t you?  It is 1 piece for $1.75, 2 pieces for $2.00 ($1 for each additional piece).  So tricky.  With pricing like that, what reasonable person would ever get just 1 piece (what reasonable person would ever just get 1 piece, regardless)?  The shrimp tempura was particularly tasty.

And of course you’re just dying for a closer look at that udon too!  I got the Niku udon with chicken and an extra topping of nori (seaweed).  I garnished with fried cracklings of goodness and some hot chili powder.  Fantastic.

Website: (website is super ghetto!)

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Please don't judge me for all the crap (albeit delicious crap) that I put into my body. My only defense is that I run a lot, which is (partly) why I eat like this. For full disclosure, I don't eat anything that looks like it did when it was alive (no meat on bones, no shellfish out of the get it). Exception: mussels and clams. I don't eat any fish (except sometimes at nice restaurants). I don't eat raw meat and I don't eat any weird organs or offal (all of the foregoing, collectively, the "restricted foods"). Any comments related to the restricted foods are third party opinions (mostly from my adventurous better half, ATO).

NY Best of....
Dessert: Degustation (JW); Roberta's (ATO)
Brunch: Lincoln (JW); Resto (ATO)
Italian: Locanda Verde (JW); Ciano (ATO)
Wine Bar: Casellula (JW & ATO)
Burger: Spotted Pig (JW); Minetta Tavern (ATO)
Fried Chicken: Charles Country Pan Fried (JW & ATO)
Steak: Momofuku Ko (JW); Blanca (ATO)
Tapas: Tia Pol (JW); Casa Mono (ATO)
Lobster Roll: Mary's Fish Camp (JW); Flex Mussels (ATO)
Overall Experience: Atera (JW & ATO)